What an unexpected outcome on the Federal Election folks. How will this impact the market?

With just a week to go till our Federal Election, let's see how the market has performed last month!

Happy Anniversary SUA Top 50 Tracker!! It's been a year since we first published our SUA Top 50 Tracker and to celebrate this, we are releasing the Top 5 Gainers in the past 12 months!

If you've been following the property market trend all these while, you will not miss all the headlines regarding a market downturn. Whilst there are some truths in this matter, the Top 50 Significant Urban Area is indicating something else.

A lot of economic data is now being released and with the Banking Royal Commission's Final Report, are there ary changes in the market yet?

Happy New Year! All of us at LocationScore wishes you a great year ahead. And well, with 2018 just gone, it was certainly an interesting year. Let's see how the first month of 2019 has done.

Summer is here!! And what a way to kick start the season with some media coverage from OECD and ABC 7:30 Report on House of Cards. :)

October 17, 2018



Featured as the cover story of Money Magazine, our LocationScore Lads talk about the top 100 suburbs set to boom in Australia!

The LocationScore Lads appeared on The Property Couch, Episode 193 to talk about this month's SUA Tracker Report!

This time on Qantas Travel Insider Magazine, Jeremy was asked to pinpoint a few of the suburbs that will grow in the coming years and why!