As a savvy investor or even, as a home buyer, you do not want to buy in an oversupplied market as this would affect the value of your property adversely. But how will you know if an area is oversupplied or undersupplied? Find out more in this article by Jeremy.

May 1, 2017


Jeremy Sheppard

Jeremy Sheppard uncovers this in the May 2016 Issue of Your Investment Property Magazine. In this article, he wrote about the risk and rewards of renovating new vs old properties, the possibilities of a market change in between construction, what kind of repairs and maintenance you need to consider and more. Here’s a snippet of the article:

Jeremy Sheppard appears on Nine News Queensland to talk about locating the ‘hot markets’ (the suburbs) that are showing stronger demand than supply levels. Which basically means they have potential for great capital gains!