100 Suburbs Set to Boom!



October 17, 2018

 Take heart, property investors! This time on the cover story of Money Magazine, Jeremy, Ben and Bryce share the top 100 suburbs that are set to boom across Australia on different price points. 

While prices may have soared out of reach in some locations, there are still exciting prospects in others – even in the same city. Using a tried-and-tested strategy, our three experts tip the winners for the years ahead.

Just a bit of a teaser, here are the price points that they've shared:

  • Around $300,000 - With the top 3 suburbs sharing the same LocationScore of 82 in TAS and VIC (surprise!), where should you look if you're buying in this price range?
  • Around $500,000 - A whopping LocationScore of 85, this suburb is based in ACT! Are you looking to invest there?
  • Around $600,000 - This could be a little tight. The top two suburbs share the same LocationScore of 79 and one is a House Market while the other is a Unit market!
  • Around $800,000 - Another tie of a LocationScore of 77, the top 2 suburbs are in VIC.
  • Around $1m plus - At this price point, all the top suburbs are a House Market! But where should you look?


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