WEBINAR: Effective Property Research In Any Market



July 1, 2017



Property Research doesn't come naturally to most people. If you've arrived at this page from Episode 125 of The Property Couch Podcast with Jeremy Sheppard, then you would understand how complicated it can be. But if you have yet to listen to the podcast and just happened to stumble upon this page, then here's what you can expect from this webinar: 

  • Understanding Supply and Demand
  • Detailed discussion on the 8 key variables: What are they and how do they affect the property market?
  • Understanding the benchmark for each variable ie is an Auction Clearance Rate of 80% a good indicator and does Online Search Interest of 40 indicates a healthy market?
  • Comparing each variable with real life examples of a bad, an okay and a good market
  • Different ways where you can DIY and look for the data yourself!
  • A step-by-step demonstration on the Suburb Analyser and Top 250 Report

Now, although we are still currently in the planning stage for this webinar, we are quite certain that it will be jam packed with lots of good and practical content. In fact, we are going to throw in TWO Free Calculators as well to those of you who attend this webinar (and no, it's not calculators that are already available on the podcast).

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